Chapter 1 Scoutmaster’s Secret SCOUT ETHAN

My name is Scoutmaster Barrett, and I became a scout leader last year. Going back into the organization was always something I wanted to do. The scout...s were a huge part of my younger years and some of my most formative experiences played out underneath the giant sky. I guess I wanted to recreate some of the adventures which had been so exciting for me in my youth, and ensure a new generation of young men had their eyes opened to more than just a sedentary world of computer games. One of the issues I’ve encountered in my new leadership role is my inability to entirely distance myself from the boys. The moment I put the uniform on, I find myself instantly transported back to my youth. Instead of feeling like a figure of authority, I just want to be part of the gang again. It’s more fun somehow. It makes me feel optimistic and I get the same old crazy kick from breaking the rules and naughtily staying up talking all night. I have to keep telling myself that the rules are there for a purpose and that I’m the guy who now has to enforce them! The biggest issue is suddenly remembering what a walking hormone I was during my years in the scouts. A sudden gust of wind was seemingly all it took to get my dick uncontrollably hard and I used to have the biggest crushes on the scoutmasters. Clearly my feelings were mostly one-sided, and of course nothing ever happened, except in my dreams, but there was one slightly younger leader who used to look at me in a way which made me giddy. I often wonder what would have happened if I’d been brave enough to make a move, or better still, if fate had thrown us together in a situation where we were alone for a long period of time. I used to have this fantasy of getting lost in the wilderness with him. It always got pretty steamy, despite my not having a clue what any of the things I was imagining doing with him would feel like in practise! In reality, all of my early sexual experiences were mediocre to say the least. I did a lot of fumbling about with boys my age, none of whom had any more sense of what was happening than I did. If only that Scoutmaster had taken me under his wing… All that stuff was whizzing around in the back of my mind when Ethan Tate joined the troop. Despite being the new boy, he instantly came across as more mature both physically and mentally than the other boys. He’d regularly seek the company of the scoutmasters and never seemed to be particularly interested in making friends with boys his own age. He intrigued me, and, of course, the more I looked at him, the more he seemed to look at me, and I rapidly started to get the sense that there was more than just friendliness in his eyes. It got pretty intense pretty quick. I’d catch him looking at me almost constantly. To begin with, when I glanced back, he’d instantly blush and look away, but, as time went on, he’d start to hold my gaze and I’d see the lustful thoughts flashing about behind his eyes. Sometimes the entire troop would be sitting in a big circle and I’d realize he was mirroring my movements. I’d casually rest my hand on my crotch and he’d subtly do the same thing. I’d run my finger up and down my thigh really slowly, and he’d follow suit a few seconds later. It was intoxicating. Then we started to talk in a kind of code. Every time we were alone for a few minutes, we’d talk about the idea of having some proper adult time together. I’d tell him there were things I wanted to show him, things he needed to learn and he’d knowingly nod and tell me he wanted me to teach him. And then fate moved in by giving us an afternoon alone together… We went and sat in my tent, real close to each other. We made small talk for a while and then I asked if he was ready. He said he was, so I told him what was about to happen needed to remain a complete secret. He nodded in agreement, plainly unable to speak because his heart was beating so fast. I ran my hand seductively over his knee just to make sure we were both on the same page, and when he didn’t flinch, I moved in for a kiss. He was plainly desperately nervous and it instantly became clear that we were already in new territory for him. The boy was obviously as pure as pure could be and I had the great honor and responsibility of giving him his first true sexual experience. The thought made what we were doing all the more erotic. I pressed my lips against his. My bearded face brushed against his soft, smooth cheek. We kissed tenderly. He took to it like a duck to water and followed my lead like a good scout. I undid his shirt and started to get us both naked. We were like yin and yang. His smooth, porcelain white skin seemed like the perfect bed-fellow for my heavily hairy body. I wanted to touch every inch of him. I wanted him to feel the overwhelming pleasure of an experienced man’s touch. I knew I was going to be able to take things as far as I wanted, and, as my fingers made contact with his ass for the first time, I found myself wondering if this was the right time to take his virginity. I pulled his underpants down and was astounded by the size and shape of his dick. There must have been nine inches down there to play with and it was heavily curved in a way that excited me beyond words. I got him lying on his front and started to eat him out. He tasted like nectar. I allowed my tongue to run between his cheeks and then pushed it deep into his hole. His breathing instantly became heavy, and within seconds, he was panting and gasping, his entire back suddenly covered in thousands of goosebumps. I spat onto my hand and pushed a finger into his ass, which seemed to slide in without too much issue. I felt a sort of rush passing through my body which told me that the moment had arrived. This boy was about to become a man! My cock was suddenly rock hard at the thought and I found myself pulling his ass cheeks apart and lining it up with his tight little hole. I took things real slow as much to protect him as to savor the very special moment. Fucking the boy was a very beautiful thing. I took him initially from behind and my dick seemed to glide in and out of him like it had been tailor-made for his tight little body. He was biting his lip a little, but the groans he was uttering suggested he was experiencing sensations which were nearer to pleasure than pain. It was certainly unrelentingly pleasurable for me! I got him onto his back so that I could look down at his perfect face and see the effect I was having on him. It felt so wonderful to be giving him his first experience. The pre-cum was flying out of his dick, leaving sticky pools of lust on his belly and coating his hand in a thin, glossy film. I thought about my own Scoutmaster back in the day, wondering how different things would have been if we’d been able to do the same thing. The idea made me go harder and I grabbed Ethan’s big dick as I fucked him. I could sense I was getting close and just as the semen started to rise, I felt him gripping my dick with his ass muscles for the first time. The sensation immediately tipped me over the edge. Cum exploded from my dick and gushed deep into his belly in a fountain of pure ecstasy. This was a moment neither of us would ever be able to forget. [Read more]

Chapter 14 Follow By Example TROOP TIME

Scoutmasters Smith and Charger have been eyeing each other up with intent ever since Smith joined the troop. He’d moved up-state from the city follo...wing a somewhat messy divorce. The two silver foxes instantly bonded over the horrifying behavior of their ex wives, and were soon confiding in each other about their appreciation of some of the older boys. This sexy talk always got them feeling pretty horny, and it wasn’t long before they started to fool around with each other, slipping off into the woods as often as they could to indulge in their seemingly insatiable desire for secretive, steamy sex. Ever since Smith fessed up to fucking one of the scouts in his tent, Charger had been desperate to get alone with the bearded daddy. Hearing about the encounter drove Charger wild with excitement and he took the first opportunity to show his friend how much pent-up sexual frustration had been surging through his body. In retrospect, they were a little lax with their discretion. They walked pretty swiftly out of base camp, but within five minutes they’d become overcome by an overwhelming lust for each other that they just had to get right to it! It was hardly surprising that they were caught. They were making out right next to the path, in a sun-filled glade. Fortunately for them, the boys that found them were two of the kinkiest in the troop. Marcus and Troye’s antics with other Scoutmasters were, if not the stuff of legend, a really badly kept secret. Charger and Smith had heard all the sordid stories and come to the conclusion that they would fuck the boys silly if given half a chance! And just like that, their moment arrived! Charger was on his knees sucking Smith, who saw the boys hiding behind a tree. Calm as a cucumber, he told them to stop watching and to join! It seemed they didn’t need to be asked twice because they were rapidly making their way over to the older men. The two Scoutmasters stood in front of the boys, slowly and seductively unbuttoning their pants and freeing their giant dicks from their underwear while the boys looked on in lustful awe. Charger clicked his fingers and ordered them both to their knees, and within seconds, Marcus had wrapped his tender mouth around Smith’s bulging dick and Troye was hungrily sucking on Charger’s beautiful manhood. The well-trained boys seemed to consider it their duty to pleasure the older men. Troye was soon on his feet kissing his master passionately, while tears streamed from the eyes of Marcus as he nearly choked to death on Smith’s rigid tool! The four of them rapidly became a seething, seedy mass of sexual energy and excitement. The boys were thrown casually against a tree while the older men fingered and tongued their tight, trembling holes. The Scoutmasters kept a constant, goading eye on each other. It turned them on so much to see each other fulfilling their sexual needs with the prime, tender flesh of their young scouts. The dashing silver foxes were soon feeding their giant bare cocks to the boys, who gasped with intense pleasure as their holes were mercilessly drilled. Smith flexed his enormous, muscular thighs every time he thrusted his groin into the boy as Charger’s powerful backside gave him all the power he needed to fuck hard and deep. By then, the older men were well-and-truly using their young toys. The scouts had entered a state of pure ecstasy. They trembled uncontrollably, begging for more as they were plowed aggressively and mercilessly from behind. The Scoutmasters then switched places and set to work on the other twink, competing with each other to see who could bang with the most energy and intensity while the boys helplessly moaned and gasped. Eventually there was no other option but for the older men to explode with force and lion-like roars into the boys, filling their tenderized holes with powerful, creamy, mature man-juice. [Read more]

Chapter 13 Masturbating TROOP TIME

I’ve had my eye on Tom and Cole for some time now. They seem pretty inseparable; almost as thick as thieves. Tom’s a little pocket rocket; blon...d, innocent-looking, but with that glint in his eye which suggests he’s a total fire-cracker in bed! Cole’s a lot taller; a big strapping jock of a boy with a huge packet in his pants. Cole and I have been fooling about for some time now, and we’re both pretty sure that Tom’s no virgin. Cole confessed the other day that he’s had some pretty racy dreams about the three of us hooking up, and, because I like a challenge, I told him I’d find an appropriate moment to make his dreams come true! I caught them on their own one afternoon. It was a beautiful, sunny, spring day. A gentle wind was rustling the trees and the sap was definitely rising. No one else was around and they were chatting freely in a tent. I seized the moment and plonked myself down between them. I gave Cole a subtle look, indicating to him that he should go along with me, and I asked a question that Tom never saw coming. “So… have you boys started masturbating?” It was an unusual question for a scoutmaster to ask, no doubt, but I really wanted to see how Tom would respond. Obviously Cole has had experience beyond just playing with his massive tool, but I wanted to see if Tom was mature enough to enjoy the more active parts of sexuality. The boys were embarrassed, clearly shocked by my forwardness, but they didn’t pull back. Least of all Tom. There was a curiosity in his eye that made me feel even bolder. I offered to give them some tips on how to do it, something that made both their eyes go wide… even Cole’s! Seconds later, I was pulling my big, hard dick out of my pants. Tom’s eyes were fixated on it! I loved seeing him take me in with his eyes. As much as I loved seeing the scouts get excited, I loved having them see me in return. Showing off my body and cock to the young guys gave me a special thrill. Especially when I know they’ve been lusting after me. And that boy’s been shooting me lustful glances uncontrollably for about the last year! Cole played along with the game like a true pro, pretending to be all innocent and not sure what to make of what was going on! Tom had his eye on the prize from the beginning, however. And as I gently rubbed my dick, he was running his hand over the bulge in his pants. Within seconds, Tom was unzipping his flies and pulling his boner out. And wow! That boy has a beautiful dick. Cole followed suit and, pretty quickly, the three of us were in a line, jerking our giant rods, with Cole and me exchanging subtle glances, almost unable to comprehend how well our dastardly plan was developing! I winked at Cole and got him to grab my dick with his hand, pretending, of course, that he hadn’t done it a bunch of times before. Tom, somewhat nervously, did the same. It was beyond exciting. I could feel Tom’s heart beating real hard and fast as he looked across at Cole, plainly a bit scared and seemingly looking for permission from his best friend to take things to the next level. It was actually sweet. I rapidly got my mouth around Tom’s dick and then, to even things out, did the same to Cole. It would be hard to say which of them tasted and smelt better. Both were so sweet, delicious, and perfectly ripe… Tom and Cole, like a pair of good boys, then started to take it in turns to suck my dick. Before long, the three of us were a crazy, seething, sexy, pleasurable mass of sucking, kissing, frotting and jerking. I lost track of who was pleasuring who and, frankly, with which part of their body. I kept looking between the two boys, wondering which one I wanted the most, eventually ascertaining that I wanted them both equally. I got them on their knees, lined up next to each other. They looked a little uneasy, but did as they were told. And I certainly enjoyed getting my tongue dancing and flickering over their holes before introducing a few fingers into the equation to leave them in no doubt whatsoever about my wicked intentions! Their tight asses were literally quivering by the time I’d warmed them up. I lined my rock solid dick up against Cole’s hole to begin with. I thought if Tom saw me fucking his buddy first, he’d feel a lot calmer about the prospect of taking me. My dick slid into Cole like an old friend. It had been a while since I’d last had him and I’d forgotten how god damned special he feels wrapped around my cock. I could see Tom looking at Cole really carefully, no doubt trying to work out if he was struggling to take me and if it was gonna be painful when his turn came. I pulled out and lined my meat up with Tom’s butt. He tensed up a little as I started to push myself in, but I could feel him relaxing more and more, the further in I got. I exchanged a look with Cole which sort of said “bingo!” before kissing him passionately as a way of expressing my gratitude to him for helping me to fulfill this huge fantasy of ours… Tom took my cock really well. In fact, I was eventually able to squat over him and let him have it with both barrels blazing! For a while I entered a kind of heavenly state, alternating between the two boys’ asses, seeing which of them could take my harder and harder fucking. All the time I found myself wondering which of them would end up the best receptacle for my semen while sensing the red-hot jealousy they were experiencing whenever I gave my attention to the other. They certainly seemed to understand how hard they needed to work to please me! I layed on my back and got Tom to sit on me and ride me like a bucking bronco, his own dick hard as nails and pointing up towards the tent roof as I boned him mercilessly. Such a beautiful, talented, accommodating boy… I don’t think I’ve ever fucked anyone as hard as I fucked Tom in that tent that afternoon. I couldn’t slow myself down and I couldn’t stop myself from exploding deep inside him. Mission complete! Boy well-and-truly used! Dream well-and-truly brought to life! [Read more]

Chapter 6 Horsing Around BUDDY CHECK

Scout boys Cole and Jack have returned early from their hike. If truth be known, they were dawdling behind the others and so deep in conversation that... they took a wrong turn which, somewhat fortuitously, cut about an hour out of their journey! Alone on base camp, and a little bored, the cute boys decide to have some fun with arm-wrestling. Cole is the taller and broader of the two, so, of course, wins without even breaking into a sweat. Jack is undeterred, however, and foolishly challenges Cole to an actual wrestling match. Cole tries to act cool, but he’s secretly very turned on by the thought of wrapping his body around his super-hot best friend… All in the name of sport, of course! He knows he’s way stronger than Jack and thinks that it shouldn’t be too hard to get his mate into some sort of pleasurably compromising position! It quickly becomes painfully apparent that Jack is a wrestling rookie; within seconds, the taller boy has him entirely over-powered, face down on the tent floor. To demonstrate his total dominance, Cole pushes his body weight down into Jack’s back… But Jack can feel Cole’s hard dick pressing eagerly against him. And he likes it! Before long, the two boys are excitedly pulling their dicks out of their shorts to compare hard ons. Cole sneakily glances to the door of the tent before reaching across and grabbing Jack’s beautiful 8-inch monster. Jack immediately returns the gesture and, within seconds, they’re seductively rubbing and fondling each other, precum spurting everywhere. Shorts now off, the two boys start to kiss deeply. They want each other so badly. Cole is desperate to show off some of the sexual tricks he’s learned from various encounters with horny Scoutmasters. Jack squats down and starts to suck Cole, whose legs are now spread wide apart in anticipation. Cole has a giant dick which Jack savors with his soft, cool lips. The experience is mesmeric for Cole, who closes his eyes and enters an ecstatic trance. A gust of cooling, summer breeze drifts in through the tent doors and rolls over his semi-naked body. The birds chirp gently in the trees outside. Every one of his senses is now fully activated and ready for total pleasure. Cole gets Jack to squat in front of him, before allowing his tongue to gently dart and skate over the young boy’s tight, throbbing hole. Cole is a master rimmer; his talented tongue tickles and torments his teenage prey, causing Jack to groan, utterly desperate for the cock which is about to enter him. He doesn’t have to wait long: Cole is soon sinking his nine inch tool deep into Jack’s guts and, within seconds, the tall scout is boning his best friend from behind with slow, brutal, bareback thrusts. A change of position finds Jack on his back, legs wrapped around his ears as Cole skewers him from the front, cock now so deep inside the boy that he’s helpless to do anything but pant and murmur “oh my gosh!” Cole certainly knows how to fuck like a buck on heat, hammering Jack athletically and remorselessly in a frenzy of pure lust. He pulls out and explodes violently and impressively all over the shirt of Jack’s uniform which could well take a bit of explaining when the others return from their hike! [Read more]

Chapter 12 Boys Will be Boys TROOP TIME

I’ve been messing about with Jack for quite a while now. We slip away from everyone else as often as we can. We’ve certainly managed to master the... art of the quickie! I can have Jack cumming within a minute if we’re really pushed for time. But we also try to find moments when we can spend more quality time together. There’s nothing sexier than a nice, slow, grinding fuck. Of course, we try to be as discreet about things as possible, although I’ve recently heard some pretty exciting stories about the things that go on in other tents. It turns out that the Scoutmasters are actually as horny as the scouts themselves - probably more so. Most of them have had some sort of unexpected action in the last few months… even the ones who are married! Jack and I have both had some pretty awesome experiences in that regard which have definitely taught us a few tricks that we’ve been practicing on each other. I guess we can be quite sneaky when it comes to finding excuses to be alone together. We’re pretty good at grabbing opportunities when they present themselves. Yesterday, for example, the troop leaders were planning a hike out to some sort of crappy lake which sounded mind-numbingly boring. Besides, we’d both woken up feeling really horny… So Jack pretended to be sick. It’s amazing how good his acting skills are when there’s a prize at stake! Anyway, I said I’d stay with him in case he got worse, and, well, that was it… Everyone else went off to the cruddy lake, and we were left all alone back at the camp. Free to make out for hours on end! The fresh air out in the forest must have aphrodisiac properties because we were all over each other before the last straddlers were even out of sight! I pushed Jack into the main tent and we instantly got down and dirty on the ground sheets and sleeping bags scattered across the floor. Jack gives crazy good head. He claims to be relatively inexperienced but seems to know exactly what he’s doing. He told me he basically learned everything he knows from Scoutmaster Dietrich who boned him in the woods on quite a few occasions last summer. He apparently took Jack’s virginity while he was leaning against a tree! Man, I’d love to have seen that! Anyway, there I was, my mind totally focused on Jack’s mouth, getting the best blow job I’ve probably ever had, and I hear a rustle outside. In retrospect, we probably ought to have at least closed the tent flaps, but we were horny and genuinely thought everyone else had gone to the lake. But as it turns out, Scoutmaster Legrand had also stayed behind. I don’t exactly know what he expected to see when he turned the corner and approached the main tent, but I’m pretty sure it wouldn’t have been two horny boys with rock hard dicks making out like a pair of sex addicts! I noticed Legrand first. He was squatting outside the tent, watching us intently. The look on his face reassured me that it was cool to keep on doing what we were doing. He caught my eye and half smiled and it felt quite sexy for that split second to know that we both knew he was there, but that Jack was entirely oblivious… I love secrets. I don’t really know Scoutmaster Legrand that well. He’s always kept himself to himself. To be honest, he comes across as a bit aloof and slightly terrifying! Jack says I’m just scared of him because he’s like 100 feet tall, but even Jack agrees that you wouldn’t wanna get on the wrong side of Legrand. That said, I’ve heard all sorts of dirty rumors about what goes on in his office in the scout hut, so maybe being on the wrong side of him would have a few fringe benefits! Anyway, Legrand started edging closer to the tent and, at that moment, Jack looked up at me, saw me looking at Legrand, spun around, and suddenly the cat was out of the bag! Jack damned-well nearly jumped out of his skin but Legrand told him it was okay. In fact, he told us to keep doing what we were doing and, well, Jack certainly didn’t need to be asked twice. Within seconds he was trying to suck the spunk out of me again! Legrand hovered by the entrance to the tent for a while, but pretty speedily took his shoes off and came in. Then he just stood in the middle of the tent and somehow managed to make it clear that he was after the same kind of attention that Jack had been giving to me, so we both crawled across to him and started to play with the huge bulge in his pants. I’ve always been intrigued to know what he was packing down there. It always looked pretty impressive, but it turns out he’s in the possession of some kind of monster! It’s, without a shadow of doubt, the biggest dick I’ve ever seen. Not just long, but thick as well, with a giant, pink mushroom head. I was trying to come across all nonchalant, you know, like I was taking it in my stride, like I wasn’t phased by the size of it, but secretly I was panicking, thinking, “I don’t know if I can get that thing in my mouth, let alone anywhere else!” Jack, of course, was grinning like the freakin’ Cheshire Cat, but I could tell he was also shaking… probably with a mixture of excitement and fear! I guess, at that point, Jack and I both sort of tacitly entered a competition with each other. Both of us wanted to please the Scoutmaster more than the other. We wanted to be the one that he preferred. Well that’s certainly how I felt. And, predictably, I got a bit jealous every time Legrand was focussing on Jack. I didn’t want him to be more into Jack than me, or, if I’m honest, for Jack to be more into Legrand than me… So, Legrand got his fingers right up inside Jack’s hole, before doing the same to me. I guess I was wondering who felt the tightest. Then he got his tongue up inside me and it was like heaven. I didn’t know a tongue could be so freakin’ talented! The blood started to pound in my ears and I was engulfed by this fuzzy, lustful sensation. He asked which of us wanted him first. Obviously I didn’t want it to be Jack so I said “me” with real certainty. And sure enough, a few seconds later, I felt him pressing his weapon against my hole and then the searing pleasure of him slowly but surely entering me. I’ve never felt anything like it before. I guess I’m pretty experienced, certainly for my age, but this was a different league. Jack told me afterwards that I was making all sorts of weird noises, which doesn’t really surprise me. It was literally like someone was pushing a drain pipe into me. Don’t get me wrong; I didn’t want it to stop. In fact, I guess I was hoping he’d get so excited that he’d cum in me before he had a chance to do the same to Jack… But that wasn’t to be! Almost as soon as I’d had the thought, Legrand pulled out of me and was plunging that huge, throbbing cock of his into Jack. The look on Jack’s face said it all. I thought I knew exactly how he was feeling, but he told me afterwards he’d thought he was gonna pass out! Then Legrand told me to climb onto Jack’s back, so our two asses could be presented to him like some sort of crazy totem pole. The position enabled me to kiss Jack at the same time which felt incredibly hot! Then Legrand fucked us in turn. A few strokes in me, a few in Jack, then back to me, and so on. It felt like he was going harder and deeper every time he re-entered me. The whole thing just felt so incredibly intimate and intense. Then he ordered us onto our backs, side by side, and told us to hold our legs up so that he could go in from above, looking down on us both with that all-powerful look on his face. I think the position must have enabled him to get really deep, because it felt like my insides were being torn to pieces. When it was Jack’s turn to take Legrand’s dick, his eyes were bulging like I’ve never seen eyes bulge before! The Scoutmaster casually pushed himself back into me and I could suddenly feel the cum rising helplessly in my balls. I tried to fight it, but everything was shaking and humming and I was suddenly blasting a massive load all over my thigh. Then he went crazy and started fucking me really really hard and then I felt him releasing his cum into me… It was sensational. So sexy. So sleazy. So exciting. It felt like he was firing a gun into my guts. Then he pulled out and while the semen was still pouring out of his dick, he thrust himself back into Jack again and loaded him up too! [Read more] is gay boy scout erotica, featuring the scouting experiences of young men as they exercise their young muscles and journey into manhood. Scouts yearning for physical activity are guided by the skillful hands of their scout leaders. Scoutmasters have fun with boys at camp and around the fireplace. As boy scouts leave their boyhood behind, these boys look to each other and their scout leaders to satisfy their natural curiosity about sex and their bodies. With their bodies and minds both evolving into adulthood, the boy scouts have their first sexual experiences in the company of their scoutmasters and their fellow scouts.