Chapter 2 Lessons in Discretion SCOUT JACK BAILEY

My name is Mr. Smith, and I’ve been a scoutmaster for more years than I care to admit to. I recently took early retirement from a pretty stressful j...ob in the city and moved upstate to do all the stuff I’d always figured it would be fun to do at some point in my life. The only downside of the move was the need to switch scout troops, but I found a pretty friendly group up here and I’ve settled in quite well. One of the definite perks of being a scoutmaster is the ability to shape a young man’s destiny by teaching him skills and opening his tender mind to new ideas and concepts. Every-so-often, I find myself developing quite a keen interest in a boy. It can be fun to toy with him a bit... even give him a look which makes him blush… I can’t deny having a bit of a desire for the young men in my troop. As I spend more time around them, I feel myself becoming alive in ways I didn’t expect. I’ve always seen myself as attracted to men, but these boys have something special… something that makes me see them more than just promising young men. I’ve had my eye on Jack ever since I joined this scout group. He’s got a winning smile and lips I just wanna get my big daddy tongue between. I know he’s been with other boys and probably some of the scoutmasters. Although he gives the impression of being all coy and demure, there’s a vibe about him which tells me he definitely knows more than most boys his age. I finally managed to get him on his own the other day. I was a bit sneaky and told him he was in trouble and that his punishment was staying at base camp with me and missing the day’s activity. The poor boy was a bit upset, but I knew that wasn’t gonna last long! I told him to go and sit in one of the tents for a while to think about what he’d done, then let him stew for a while before going in there myself and sitting next to him, pretending to be angry. Then I told him we had a strict moral code at the scouts and that, if he was gonna go with another boy in the future, he’d need to keep it a secret. You should have seen the look on his face as I started to massage his knee. His dick was bulging in his shorts within seconds, so I started to run my hand up and down his chest, and then all over his body. He was shaking like a leaf; a mixture of nerves and unbelievable excitement. I undid his neckerchief and started to unbutton his shirt to expose that sweet-scented, smooth skin before thrusting my hand up the leg of his shorts. His eyes immediately rolled to the back of his head and his legs were suddenly spreading real wide, like his whole body was helplessly opening up for me, like a little slut boy addicted to his big, burly bear-like dad. Then we started kissing and my dick was throbbing in my pants. And then I was suddenly all over him, kissing every part of him, wrapping myself around his tight, lithe, hairless body. I got his pants down and his dick was utterly solid. Moments later, I was unbuttoning my fly so that he could get his cute little lips all over my giant dick. That boy certainly knows how to suck! He’s plainly had his mouth around more than his fair share of cocks. The little bastard took the whole freakin’ length of it, right down into his tight, teenaged throat - and it felt fucking awesome. As he got stuck in, the sex-mad twink started humping his beautiful dick into the sleeping bag underneath him and his pert, peachy ass was rising and falling like some kind of crazy invitation! He was gonna get it so fucking hard. Seconds later, he was climbing onto me and lowering his tight bubble butt onto my thick man meat, then bouncing up and down like a true pro. I could feel my raw dick ramming right up inside him. It was like I had a clamp attached to my cock. I’ve genuinely never felt anything like it in my life before. It made me think dirty, nasty thoughts. I suddenly thrust myself into him as hard as I could. I went right up; through his inner sphincter and into his guts. He started to yell - it was like I’d winded him or something - but we were instantly connected. We were banging, even breathing as one… It felt incredible. I just wanted to spew my spunk into him. The boy started riding me faster and faster, writhing on my dick like a hungry whore. The kid’s got stamina! I was willing myself not to explode right away… I got him to turn around so that I could do some serious banging. I really wanted to drive my dick deep into him, so he could get a proper sense of how this scoutmaster likes to do it. He started jerking himself real fast, and I could simultaneously feel the cum rising in my nuts. I could sense that he was close, so I gave him a few, extra-hard thrusts until jets of semen sprayed out of him like water from a fireman’s hose. [Read more]

Chapter 1 Testing his Mettle SCOUT TROYE

I’ll confess, Scoutmaster Legrand has always scared me a little. I can’t really work out why. He never gets shouty or angry but he can come across... as a bit distant and reserved. Maybe he just wants us to be the best scouts we can be and thinks if he gets too friendly with us we’ll stop respecting him. If that’s his intentional vibe, it certainly works. There’s not a scout in this entire troop who doesn’t want to impress him. When he’s leading, we know to bring our A-game. So when he invited me for a one-on-one session the other day, my heart started pounding. He said he wanted to test my mettle. I had no idea what that meant but it sounded a little frightening, particularly when he said he wanted me to come up to the camp on my own - early in the morning - before any of the other scouts arrived. Fortunately, it was nice and sunny. He put a load of mats down on the forest floor and had me doing a bunch of press ups and sit ups. I was trying to impress him, so I went at them really hard and instantly regretted not pacing myself a little better! I was pretty out of breath when he stood me up and asked if I felt ready to take the oath. My heart instantly jumped into my mouth. Too darned right I’m ready, I thought! I’ve been waiting for this moment since becoming a scout! At that point, I felt the back of his hand pushing against my crotch. For a moment, I felt sure he’d touched me by accident, but then I felt his finger running up and down the bulge in my shorts. I couldn’t quite believe what he was doing! Was this some sort of test? Was he going to feel me getting hard, then accuse me of being an abomination or something? Was he going to throw me out of the scouts? I stood there, unable to move, wondering what to say or do, staring into his eyes, trying to work out what he was thinking… His hand slowly moved up to my chest, then down to my stomach, then he said “very good”, before opening up a little blue velvet box and attaching a golden badge to my shirt pocket. Then he casually told me I was now a member of the Elite Order of Scouts and, well, that was that! He pulled me in and started to kiss me. Proper kissing, like they do in the films. I had no idea if I was kissing back properly, but it sure felt good, particularly when he started pulling at my penis again. I was so excited. So hard. So scared! Then he turned me around and started to undress me. He was touching me really gently, all over my body, and literally making my head spin. Because he was behind me, I couldn’t predict where he was going to touch me next. His hands slid from my tummy to my nipples, which he started to squeeze. My entire body was shaking. I was aware that I was making these pathetic little gasping sounds but I couldn’t stop myself. I kept wondering why he’d chosen me - whether this was something all Elite Scouts went through. Surely this wasn’t what my Dad meant when he said being in the scouts was a rite of passage? Then we were kissing again and I stopped thinking about anything other than how good everything felt. He got me kneeling on some sort of table he’d set up in the glade and I suddenly felt a little like I was on display in a supermarket. But even that didn’t feel strange for long. I just wanted Scoutmaster Legrand to keep going… Before long, he’d pulled my underpants down and was licking my hole. Licking it! Then I realized he was using his saliva to make me wet, because, moments later, he pushed a finger into me. I was surprised that it didn’t hurt more. Don’t get me wrong; it’s one of the most intense and intrusive sensations I’ve ever experienced, but it felt okay. In fact, it was better than okay… Then he got me standing next to the table with one knee up on it. I instinctively knew he was going to take my virginity. The thought made me very nervous and yet incredibly excited. I kept wondering whether it was gonna hurt. I could feel him running the tip of his penis over my hole. Every time it got close, I could feel myself tensing up. I kept telling myself it would be okay. I just had to trust him. And then it happened. And he was pushing himself into me. I couldn’t believe how it felt, almost like I was being opened up or slowly torn in half. I turned and looked at him. My eyes must have been bulging so big! I’m sure he knew I was scared and I was incredibly grateful that he took things so slowly, pushing himself into me, a fraction of an inch at a time. He started very slowly to edge himself back out again, and then in… and I realized it was happening. I was taking his dick. Scoutmaster Legrand was actually fucking me. I felt a rush of adrenaline. It was suddenly amazing and I wanted more. As much as he could give, really. He pulled his dick out of me and suggested I ride him. He leant against the table and I pushed myself onto him and then moved my body forwards and backwards so that his shaft could slide in and out of me. I don’t think anything has ever felt that good in all my life. I was completely in the moment. I realized I wanted to please him more than I’ve wanted anything in my life. I wanted to be his dirty little fuck toy. I rode him faster and harder and it felt good. He told me if I kept it up I’d make him cum, and I wanted that very much. He grabbed my stomach and started pulling me into him with force. It was a little too much, but I wanted to keep going because I needed him to cum and I knew he was enjoying it. He went faster and faster and started grunting and I could tell he was close. I was just gasping and screaming. Then he roared like a lion and I felt him explode into me. I literally felt the semen flying out of his cock straight into my tummy. As he shot, he actually picked me up… so that my feet were off the ground and everything. It was sensational. It was obviously intense for him as well because he seemed exhausted afterwards. As he pulled out the semen flew out of me. It was utterly insane. I walked away feeling like a real man. [Read more]

Chapter 10 Hands-On Scouting TROOP TIME

I sometimes wonder whether becoming a scout leader was the right thing to do. It felt amazing at first. I was back out there, under the big sky, breat...hing clean air, passing on all of the knowledge and skills I’d accrued over the years to a younger generation. I was inspiring the boys to be better versions of themselves. I’ve genuinely never felt so alive. The problem is that there must be something in all that fresh air and clean living which makes me horny. Being surrounded by teenagers has clearly made me feel like a teenager again. I’m constantly hard, I’ve got sex on the brain… When one of the scouts, young Marcus, made a pass at me the other week, I immediately caved into temptation and banged that boy’s ass so hard I’m surprised he can still walk! I literally broke every rule in every book about being a scout leader, and to make matters worse, I shared the same boy with another scout leader last week. I’m completely out of control! This afternoon, to take my mind off Marcus and to try to focus on more healthy pursuits, I took a pair of boys out into the forest to practise rope tying. I didn’t know either of them particularly well, in fact I had to ask another scoutmaster what their names were! I’d been told all about them during my campfire night with Scoutmaster Dietrich. Cole and Jack had apparently been caught with their dicks out of their pants on countless occasions. These two kids were playing with each other and playing hard. I struggled not to obsess over the thought, but my horny mind kept returning to the idea of these boys stripped naked and hard. I knew the others weren’t due back to camp for at least an hour and that I’d have all that time to kill with them. I could feel my face flushing red. My brain was screaming at me not to make a pass, but the blood rushing to my dick was telling me I’d regret it if I didn’t. The more I looked at those boys, the sexier they got. I caught Cole’s eye and the look he gave me in return immediately lit a fire in my loins. I found myself moving closer to him. It was like I was being drawn into him by some sort of powerful magnet. Then I heard myself muttering something about knowing the two of them had been fooling around together before I pulled him into me and we started kissing. Then I grabbed Jack’s belt and, for a while, I was kissing the boys in turn. It was full on, deep, wet, mature kissing. You’d never guess it, but those boys certainly knew exactly what they were doing. I started to undress them, unbuttoning their tight uniform shirts and unwrapping a pair of soft, smooth teenaged torsos. Before long, Cole was undressing me. Then we were in one of the tents, my dick was out of my pants, and the boys were on their knees desperate for a taste of my dick! Jack was the first to get his mouth wrapped around me, but Cole was soon joining in, sucking me like his life depended on it. Jack’s got this perfect all-American smile, and it was an absolute pleasure to ram my rock hard cock into it! I enjoyed calling the shots, periodically instructing the boys to kiss each other, then telling Cole to suck Jack while Jack pleasured me. I was amazed and impressed by how compliant they were and I got hugely excited imagining all the bad things I could get them doing! When Jack began sucking Cole’s dick, I got behind him and started getting his peachy ass good and wet before making them switch positions so that I could get my tongue and fingers deep inside Cole’s enticing hole. I lined my raw dick up against Cole’s ass and started pushing myself into him from behind. I could tell he was gritting his teeth, and trying to regulate his breathing as I slipped further inside him. And then I was balls deep and fucking this horny little devil as he kissed and sucked an over-stimulated Jack. Cole’s ass felt amazing, and kissing Jack while banging it was a sensational experience. As I fucked Cole, I kept looking at Jack, reminding him that I’d be inside him soon enough. I started really pounding Cole at that point, really just to see how hard he could take it. I was impressed. I pulled out, pushed Cole aside and got Jack to crawl to the place where Cole had been. Jack was even tighter than Cole and, for a moment, I struggled to get inside him, repeatedly needing to remind him to breathe deeply to stave off the pain. But it was worth it. I fucked him good and hard and he moaned and groaned in deep pleasure! [Read more]

Chapter 9 Lessons in Discretion TROOP TIME

I haven’t been a Scoutmaster for very long, but I already feel like I’ve committed the cardinal sin by sleeping with one of the boys! In fairness,... I tried incredibly hard not to do it, and in the end I only gave into the boy’s persistent advances when he told me he’d already slept with Scoutmaster Dietrich! I think he could have told me he’d done it with almost anyone else and I’d have managed not to give in to temptation, but where Scoutmaster Dietrich is concerned, well, all bets are off… Dietrich was actually one of the guys who trained me but I’ve always found it incredibly difficult to be around him. Don’t get me wrong, he’s obviously a great guy, but the moment I met him, I realized he reminded me rather heavily of one of my own Scoutmasters, you know, from back in the days when I was a scout, and that’s been surprisingly triggering for me. Like Dietrich, my old Scoutmaster was manly, unflappable, handsome and tall… And I was totally in love with him. My feelings back then were so strong, that, all these years later, I still occasionally jerk myself off thinking about him. Nothing ever happened, of course, because he was a gentleman, and probably straight, but when I met Dietrich and found myself behaving really weirdly around him, I figured it was best all round to keep my distance. It didn’t stop me jerking myself silly every time I saw him! So when Marcus told me he’d been with Dietrich, I guess I just had this overwhelming desire to go with him as well! All the way through the encounter, I kept imagining him with Dietrich, wondering how I was doing by comparison. It was bizarre… I was, of course, consumed by guilt afterwards, but the moment I saw Dietrich back at base camp, the horny thoughts started flooding in again. That night, after the boys had gone to bed, I plucked up the courage to share a flask with Dietrich in front of the campfire. It turns out he’s really easy to talk to. We have a heck of a lot in common. And we talked late into the night… Of course, the conversation got a little horny… He started stroking my hair absentmindedly and I asked if he’d ever had a crush on one of the scouts… Then it all tumbled out, and I told him about Marcus and said Marcus had told me about him. Then Dietrich got angry, it all got awkward and the sexy vibe which was fast developing was suddenly ruined. The next day Dietrich told me we needed to talk. He said he was angry with Marcus for being loose-tongued and said he wanted the three of us to have a chat and work out a way to move forward. Then he kind of frog-marched both of us into the forest. Poor Marcus looked terrified. I was mightily uncomfortable. Then Dietrich stopped under a tree and laid into Marcus, telling him that they’d made a promise to each other and that he shouldn’t have spoken to me. I backed Dietrich up, of course, and told Marcus he’d get into big trouble if he ever told other Scoutmasters what he’d been doing. Marcus went all pale-faced and said he was sorry before asking what he could do to make it up to us. Dietrich flashed me a look, and smiled, and this sudden rush of uncontrollable horniness just flooded through my body. I tried to stay in control and put on my 'good cop’ voice, telling Marcus, in the future, that he needed to come to us if anyone approached him wanting sex. He said he’d definitely do that and Dietrich placed an encouraging but firm hand on his shoulder. Then he pushed the boy towards me... Obviously, I didn’t waste any time and I immediately stuck my tongue into the boy’s mouth, kissing him hungrily as Dietrich ground himself into him from behind. Then Dietrich and Marcus started kissing and I took a step back for a moment, just to watch them, to savor the moment. I didn’t know which one I wanted more. For a while, the three of us were all over each other, Dietrich was undressing the boy from behind, exposing his pale, hairless chest. I knelt down to remove Marcus’ pants and looked up at Dietrich, still in full uniform, with his huge hand around the boys’ neck, kissing him passionately. My cock started throbbing like crazy. All the way through, Dietrich and I were exchanging looks - real lusty looks - like we were saying, “what you gonna do to him next…” The kid, of course, was rock hard in his bright orange underpants. Dietrich got on the ground and started sucking the boy while I stood, kissing his neck, getting my tongue lodged deep in his mouth. As I started to undress myself, I wondered who was gonna get inside the boy first. We swapped places. I sucked Marcus’ dick as Dietrich started to make out with him. We pushed the boy’s pants down and got his dick out. Man, we were just a seething, writhing mass of kissing and sucking. I couldn’t get the smile off my face. The boy started thanking us and Dietrich whispered in his ear reminding him he’d promised to keep what we were doing between the three of us. The boy squatted and nearly got a black eye when Deitrich’s rock hard dick sprung out of his underpants. It was, of course, every bit as huge as I’d hoped it would be - and the boy got to sucking it pretty darn quickly. I knelt behind Marcus and got my tongue dancing over his hole, periodically glancing up at Dietrich to give him an encouragingly sleazy wink every time the boy choked on his giant meat. Within seconds I was standing behind Marcus lining my big, wet dick up against his hole. Dietrich gave it a bit of a squeeze and I pushed myself into the boy, spitting on my cock for extra lube. Marcus instantly started squealing but his dick was rock hard and curved upwards as I fucked him. Dietrich told me afterwards that it looked like my dick was somehow becoming the boy’s; like I was fucking it into his shaft. That was a sexy thought. I loved the way that Dietrich and I were interacting as I fucked Marcus. We were chatting away, making horny little observations about how the boy felt. Dietrich definitely brought the kink out of me. Marcus was sucking his dick and every time he gagged, I just banged him harder. We turned the boy around so that Dietrich could have a go on him, and his dick just glided in, no doubt assisted by the pre-cum I’d left inside him. I told the boy to hold onto me as Dietrich started to fuck. I held his head in my arms really protectively to soothe him. I had a quick glance around, just to make sure we were entirely alone, and then got down to enjoying the floor show. Deitrich threw his head back and fucked real hard. The boy was literally trembling in my arms, griping and gasping so much that I had to shove my dick in his mouth just to keep him quiet! Precum was literally dripping off the boy’s dick, so I got on my knees to see how it tasted. I picked the lad up - scooped him right up in my arms - legs up high so his hole was in line with my dick. Dietrich instantly knew what I was trying to do, so took some of Marcus’ weight from behind and helped to guide the boy’s tight hole onto my dick. I banged him real deep in that position. He was like a rag doll in my arms. Dietrich kept telling me to go harder, so I obliged. Marcus just kept on thanking me and jerking his dick like some sort of sex addict. I pulled out and held the boy tight in my arms so that Dietrich could give it to him again. Marcus’ hole was sloppy now with spit and pre-cum, so Dietrich was able to go in real hard and fast. He looked right at me as he fucked with a great big sexy smile on his face. We got the boy down again, and he bent over and sucked me off as Dietrich continued to screw. I knelt down and kissed the boy as he jerked himself real hard. Dietrich literally fucked the cum out of him. The boy spunked so hard. Huge quantities of white jizz sprayed all over the forest floor. Seconds later, Dietrich himself was blowing a load, real deep into the boy’s hole, lining his insides with his thick manly spunk. This was gonna be a secret we were all gonna enjoy keeping. [Read more]

Chapter 1 A Walk In The Woods SCOUT JACK B

I haven’t been a scout for very long. Being honest, it took me forever to pluck up the courage to join. My mom always tells me I’m too timid for m...y own good… and she’s probably right, because when I finally feel brave enough to sign up for something, I usually really enjoy it. She always makes me go to everything twice, because the first time I go, I’m always too nervous to speak to anyone. I get tongue-tied and embarrassed and have a pretty lousy time. The second time is always better. Then I can’t remember why I was ever worried… It was like that with the Scouts. The first meeting was horrible, but now I love it. I’ve made amazing friends and learned all sorts of useful skills. The Scoutleaders are great. They know everything about everything. My favorite is Scoutmaster Dietrich. He’s really tall and really kind and really fast at tying knots! The problem is that I don’t think he knows my name! I’m not one of his favourites. He keeps taking the same few boys on hikes and missions. And every time I’m not picked, I feel this pang of… I dunno, like jealousy, I guess. I’ve tried and tried to get him to notice me; to look smarter and work harder than the other boys. I’ve earned a stack of badges in almost lighting time… But he’s never picked me. Until last week… We came out to the woods for a three-day camping trip. As usual, Scoutmaster Dietrich selected the same two boys for one-on-one activities and, as usual, I felt invisible. But one night, as we were sitting around the fire, I kinda caught him looking at me. I looked back and he held my gaze, and it was really, I dunno… intense. It was like he was looking into me. I can’t really explain it. It made me blush. Every time I looked over, he’d catch my eye and sort of half smile… The next morning over breakfast, he made an announcement. He said he was off to collect firewood, and then he looked right at me; ‘Jack, isn’t it? Do you want to join me?’ Of course, I immediately got all tongue tied. I guess I was a bit shocked that he suddenly knew my name, but most of all, I just felt really excited that he’d chosen me to help him. I nodded, and made weird noises. I don’t know what came out, but the others laughed and I felt like a prick. Dietrich laughed as well, then gestured at me to follow him… We walked for a long way. I kept seeing bits of wood which I thought would be great for the fire, but we didn’t seem to be collecting anything. At one point he stopped and told me he needed to pee. Then he disappeared into the trees. I genuinely don’t know what came over me, but I had this overwhelming urge to see how big his penis was. I guess I just wondered if someone that tall would have, you know… a particularly big one! So, I crept into the trees, thinking that if Dietrich noticed, I’d tell him I needed a pee as well. He was standing next to a tree, but I couldn't see what I wanted to see so I got a little closer, which, of course, was a massive mistake. I stepped on a branch which made a huge cracking sound. He spun around and I was mortified… He didn’t actually seem that bothered. In fact, he just laughed and told me if I wanted to look, I needed to come closer. I couldn’t tell if he was serious, so I just stood there, frozen to the spot. He smiled again and said ‘come on…’ so I just sort of shuffled over. Then he asked if I wanted to touch it! Touch it! I didn’t know where to look… I mean, that’s kinda gay, right? But the thing is I really wanted to touch it. I wanted to know how it felt. So I gave it a squeeze and he smiled, then said, “well it’s only fair I get to see yours now…” And then I felt all embarrassed again, assuming it was some sort of trick. But he was smiling and everything seemed pretty cool, so I unzipped my shorts and pulled it out, wondering what the hell the other scouts would say if they saw us. Then he reached over and touched it and I held my breath because it felt really good. So I touched his again, then held it like he was holding mine. I could feel he was getting hard, which made me get hard. My head was spinning. I had no idea really what was going on, I just knew it felt… nice… Better than nice… amazing. He started stroking his thumb over the head, which made me gasp then get so hard I thought it was going to explode. All these weird thoughts started coming into my head. Real dirty thoughts. I could smell Dietrich’s scent. It smelt so good. It made my head go all funny. Then I started to feel something in my stomach. Something which made me want to do more stuff with him… He kept looking at me and smiling, and every time he smiled, my penis sort of throbbed. I was aware that he was very strong and incredibly tall and that I was kinda powerless to do anything other than what he’d decided we were gonna do, but, for some reason, I liked that feeling. I wanted to touch more of him. I wrapped my arm around his big strong shoulders while he did this crazy thing where he licked his finger, then rubbed it on the head of my dick. It made my knees buckle! I suddenly felt entirely out of control. My heart was pounding. I wanted to rub my entire body against him. He told me there was something he wanted me to do for him and then he sort of stuck his penis near my face and told me to suck it. I asked if he was sure, and he sounded kinda impatient all of a sudden, so I put it in my mouth. I actually put it in my mouth. I’ve never done anything like that before. I could sense him sort of thrusting himself towards me as I did it, so I just started sucking harder and hoped what I was doing was okay. It tasted strange. Sort of sweaty, musky… but I liked it, even when he grabbed the back of my head and I thought I was gonna choke. He asked if I’d seen another man hard before. I lied and said I had. I could hear him unzipping his shirt, then I could see his stomach, which was all muscular and rippling… like some kind of film star! Then he grabbed the back of my head real hard and his dick went right into my throat and I started choking but he held it there. It was a little scary because I couldn’t breath and also kinda embarrassing because, when he pulled out, all this saliva was coming up uncontrollably. My eyes started to water. I swear I wasn’t crying, but he thought I was, so told me not to. His dick was so large. It felt like it got bigger every time he pushed it into me. He slapped my face a little and pulled my hair, but told me I was doing a great job, which made me proud. He told me to look up at him, and he wasn’t smiling any more. He was gritting his teeth and had a serious look about him. I thought he was angry but he slapped my cheek and said ‘good boy…’ and although everything was feeling really weird, I still felt proud. He pulled me to my feet and turned me around telling me to put my hands against the tree, almost like he was a cop and I was being searched. He slapped my ass, then got down on his knees, parted my cheeks and suddenly stuck his tongue into my hole. I didn’t know what to think or do. It ought to have felt weird and invasive, but he made it seem sexy somehow. It was so intense and amazing that I started swearing. I never swear but it was like my whole body needed him. I sort of knew he wanted sex. I didn’t know how he was going to do it or what it would feel like, but I knew he wanted to put his dick into me. I don’t know what came over me but it was suddenly all I could think about. I could hear him spitting into me and could feel myself twitching and opening somehow as he made my hole more wet… Then he stood up and it started. I could feel him lining his dick up with my hole. I instinctively knew I needed to stay relaxed, so held onto the feeling that I’d had when his tongue was up there. He asked if I wanted it, and all I could say was “I do, yeah…” I was shaking. I was so nervous. Then he started to push into me. It literally took my breath away. It was all a bit of a blur, but I remember a sharp, intense pain… like I was splitting in two. But he was encouraging me and telling me I was doing a great job. I could feel him creeping further in. Every time I thought he must have got it all the way in, he pushed it deeper into me. I couldn’t work out where it was going inside me. At one stage I wondered if I’d feel it pressing against my belly button from the inside! Then he started rocking… you know, going in and out, at all sorts of different speeds. He put his hands on my shoulders and really started going for it; very fast, and so deep inside me. I could hear his heavy balls slapping against my thighs. I felt at one stage that he was actually trying to hurt me because he was slamming into me with such force, but then I realised I wanted him to do it like that. In fact, I wanted it harder. He pulled my hands behind my back and locked his arm into mine so I couldn't move. Then he put his hand over my mouth and told me he was gonna fill me up. I knew what he meant by that and I wanted it. He started to grunt. The noise echoed around the wood. Then suddenly he roared and I could feel his juices gushing into me. Scoutmaster Dietrich was cumming inside me. And it felt insanely good. [Read more]


WHAT IS ScoutBoys ? is gay boy scout erotica, featuring the scouting experiences of young men as they exercise their young muscles and journey into manhood. Scouts yearning for physical activity are guided by the skillful hands of their scout leaders. Scoutmasters have fun with boys at camp and around the fireplace. As boy scouts leave their boyhood behind, these boys look to each other and their scout leaders to satisfy their natural curiosity about sex and their bodies. With their bodies and minds both evolving into adulthood, the boy scouts have their first sexual experiences in the company of their scoutmasters and their fellow scouts.

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