gay boy scouts have their virginity taken by their scoutmasters




Some men are born leaders, and Scoutmaster Knox counts himself among them. Effortlessly charismatic and exuding charm, he’s seen plenty of young Elite Scouts come to the famous scout ranch over the years. But that doesn’t mean he doesn’t give every single one of these boys special attention. In fact, Scoutmaster Knox thrives on finding exactly the right ways in which to connect with these boys, putting them at ease in this very special place, and making sure they understand the importance of their presence at the ranch. He does this while also introducing them to the things they’ll soon be unable to imagine not part of their lives. A popular favorite among the boys, he still receives holiday cards from former Elite Scouts and their families even years later!



Scout Maxx had been looking forward to joining the scouts for a while. He’d heard a lot about the fun experiences and bonding moments from his family and friends. He knew that being in the scouts required a good deal of discipline and obedience, but he didn’t see that as a problem. After all, the camaraderie of fellow scouts working through challenges was part of the appeal.