When Mark first joined the scouts, he was looking for a sense of community and a father figure. He happily found both, and it wasn’t long before his dedication to his tasks attracted the attention of the men in charge of the Elite Scouts, who were impressed with such an eager boy. Now that he’s at the Ranch after years of hearing the stories, he’s just as determined to show these handsome older men that he deserves to be there. He taken the oath and made the pledge to the Elite Scouts that he’ll always serve and obey in a way that proves he deserves to be admired and valued for what he brings to every situation, no matter how big or small—and he couldn’t be happier to prove his devotion to The Order of Elite Scouts over and over again.


Chapter 1 The Pledge SCOUT MARK

It takes a real act of bravery to try something new. Not all challenges are the same, but for a young man discovering his way in the world, it can be a... [read more]

Chapter 3 Setting Up Camp TROOP TIME

Scouts Ian and Mark are learning a valuable skill in the wilderness: navigation by compass. Taught to use the tool by Scoutmaster Angus, the scouts are... [read more]

Chapter 4 Outdoor Adventuring TROOP TIME

It’s another exciting day in the wilderness for Mark, an eager scout. He’s studied the manual and learned his necessary survival skills, knots, and... [read more]

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