When Jack was told he was being invited to join The Order of Elite Scouts, he was beside himself with excitement. He’d heard the stories about all the different adventures that he’d be able to do once he had taken the oath and made the pledge, and he was eager to learn about the things his older brothers had hinted at as scouts in the elite order. He imagined the new skills that he would master. He loves scouting activities like woodcraft, fire building, and more, he sees this as his chance to put childish pursuits behind him and take the first steps on the road to manhood. Maybe becoming a boy leader himself like his brothers and uncles had been! He’s not disappointed once he arrives at the famed scout ranch. He’s greeted with lots of boys like him and plenty of hands-on scoutmasters. He was surprised but beside himself with enthusiasm for the Elite Scouting program once he understood what might be involved in the new dimensions of his all-boy scouting activities.


Chapter 1 The Pledge SCOUT JACK

Beneath his gruff exterior, Scoutmaster Felix Kamp is quietly honored to witness so many young boys in his care as they take their first steps into manhood.... [read more]

Chapter 1 Alone at Basecamp TROOP TIME

Nothing gets a scout more excited than an adventure! Whether it’s hiking trails, traversing a ravine, or building a campsite, scouts love the great outdoors.... [read more]

Chapter 2 Scary Camp Stories TROOP TIME

Young scouts Austin and Jack finish their evening chores and join Scoutmaster Cox in their tent. Tired from a full day adventuring out in the woods, they... [read more]

Chapter 1 Scouts in Their Tent BUDDY CHECK

Jack can't wait to be alone with Austin, his fellow scout. During their time with the Elite Scouts, both boys have enjoyed unforgettable encounters with... [read more]

Chapter 8 First-Aid Training TROOP TIME

My name is Cameron and I’m new to the Scouts. It actually took me quite a long time to pluck up the courage to join. I play a lot of sports, I’ve got... [read more]

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