Scout Cole is a model for others to look up to. Tall, handsome, well educated, fit, knows his knots, and gets along great with scouts and scout leaders alike. The older men know they can trust Cole to lead in their place, often putting him in charge of smaller adventures with newer scouts. He’s handy with a compass and rope, making him a natural when it comes to hiking in the great outdoors. Beneath the well decorated uniform is a well developed young man, with not only a warm, friendly spirit, but a big cock as well!

Chapter 4 Orienteering BUDDY CHECK

Rule one of hiking is always bring a buddy. Scouts Ian and Cole have studied the manual well and know how to safely go exploring in the woods. Even without... [read more]

Chapter 6 Rope Tying TROOP TIME

Dad was right about joining the Scouts. He told me I’d have experiences I’d never forget. He talked about halcyon days, the pine-scented air, the sense... [read more]

Chapter 10 Hands-On Scouting TROOP TIME

I sometimes wonder whether becoming a scout leader was the right thing to do. It felt amazing at first. I was back out there, under the big sky, breathing... [read more]

Chapter 11 Birdwatching TROOP TIME

Scoutmaster Legrand and I have been pretty good friends for some time. It might seem a bit strange for a scout like me to make a claim like that, but I’m... [read more]

Chapter 1 Tick Check SCOUT COLE

I guess you could call me an experienced Scout. I’m certainly one of the oldest boys in our troop and I’ve earned more badges than anyone else. Being... [read more]

Chapter 6 Horsing Around BUDDY CHECK

Scout boys Cole and Jack have returned early from their hike. If truth be known, they were dawdling behind the others and so deep in conversation that... [read more]

Chapter 13 Masturbating TROOP TIME

I’ve had my eye on Tom and Cole for some time now. They seem pretty inseparable; almost as thick as thieves. Tom’s a little pocket rocket; blond,... [read more]