gay boy scouts have their virginity taken by their scoutmasters


Scoutmaster Fantana has a reputation for being a no-nonsense kind of man—enlistment in the armed forces will do that—but that kind of life didn’t lead to the adventures he had imagined as a young man. He brought his expertise and attention to detail to the Order of Elite Scouts, where he found his own beginnings, along with a vision to help mold the young boys for success. He can seem somewhat regimental and detached to others, but providing the structure every young man subconsciously craves. He eats well and works out almost daily to set a physical example for the young scouts in his charge. He sees them staring at him out of the corner of his eye, the same sort of look he used to give his leaders when he was a young scout. He’s not the tallest man, but he’s a broad stack of solid muscle with wide, baby-blue eyes and an enviable bubble butt. He’s flattered by their attention, but his priority is the successful rearing of responsible, loyal leaders of the future. And if there’s time for play when the work is done, well… He knows how to play hard too.


A former member of the Elite Scouts himself, Scoutmatser Dietrich is proud and honored to continue the tradition as one of the scout leaders–the older men guiding the young charges. Having experienced the program from the other end, he knows just how to handle potentially nervous new Elite Scouts in a way that makes them feel safe and secure, while also never allowing them to forget that he’s in charge, and they need to obey his orders.

Scoutmaster Dietrich is tall and has a beautiful body that the boys admire and look up to! He insists he’s just trying to stay in shape, but deep down he loves the attention he gets from the boys in his charge. He’s rarely had to punish any scouts, but he knows just how to keep them all in line regardless—and the young scouts in his care, sensing his power, want to do everything they can to please him.


Scoutmaster Wolf has fond memories of scouting, and he takes great pleasure in seeing the faces of the young men he’s handling at the ranch as they discover the same joys with him. His ability to help them accomplish what at first seems impossible to their wide eyes is well-known and widely respected within The Order of Elite Scouts both leaders and boys alike. And to be sure, he’s proud of his ability to induct these boys into The Order after they have taken the oath and made their pledge.

Carefully, and lovingly, Scoutmaster Wolf proves to boy after boy taken under his wing, that they can take everything he and the other scoutmasters and older boy leaders might demand of them. That attitude serves them all well, with many of the Elite Scouts trying extra hard to impress him!


Few things give Scoutmaster Kamp more pleasure than seeing the young men in his care thrive as he shows them the ways of The Order of the Elite Scout. Thanks to his ability to select and train the best boys, he quickly moved up the scouting leadership ranks. This meant expanded access to the boys, and more hands on with the impressionable boys entering the Varsity and Venture Scouting programs. From these boys ranks he had his pick of the finest scouts to join the other Elite Scouts. He knows better than most how much boys that age need a firm hand and sense of duty. The handsome, tall, muscular silver daddy is renowned for his ability to get even the most introverted scouts look to him to stretch in new ways that give them a better sense of their place in the world.


Some men are born leaders, and Scoutmaster Knox counts himself among them. Effortlessly charismatic and exuding charm, he’s seen plenty of young Elite Scouts come to the famous scout ranch over the years. But that doesn’t mean he doesn’t give every single one of these boys special attention. In fact, Scoutmaster Knox thrives on finding exactly the right ways in which to connect with these boys, putting them at ease in this very special place, and making sure they understand the importance of their presence at the ranch. He does this while also introducing them to the things they’ll soon be unable to imagine not part of their lives. A popular favorite among the boys, he still receives holiday cards from former Elite Scouts and their families even years later!


Scoutmaster Cox has his eyes on handsome, young, fit boy scouts all the time. He watches how they move, how they play, and how they’ve taken care of their bodies. It’s hard not fantasize about how they look naked, seeing these young boys come into maturity. Over the years, Scoutmaster Cox has seen the importance of the Elite Scouting Program. The young boys who are invited to join are innocent and in need of a strong authority figure to prepare them for their lives. He’s always ready to sit one-on-one with a scout for life advice or just a friendly ear as they grapple with what it means to be growing up, with their bodies changing and hormones getting out of control. His advice is sometimes embarrassingly blunt for the boys, but the boys in his care appreciate his attention. Consequently, with very little effort he persuades the boys to follow his lead and do as he instructs them.


Scoutmaster Angus has an eye for boys who will perform well as Elite Scouts. That’s why he’s always there to give them a helping hand, a word of advice, or a firm command. These young men arrive thinking they understand what scouting is all about, and it’s his job, the job of a scoutmaster in The Order of Elite Scouts to take them beyond what they’ve previously done. He must train them for more. And everyone agrees, when it comes to taking young boys in hand, no one is better than this scoutmaster. He loves being a father figure to many of the young scouts he works with each year, hoping they know that they can come to him for any reason. With his big, furry chest, beard with hints of salt and pepper, and massive muscular frame, he’s often seen as a big muscly teddy bear. And while he’s happy to pat their butts as they achieve new awards, most of them can’t help but wish for more. Indeed neither can he.

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