Chapter 11 Birdwatching TROOP TIME

Scoutmaster Legrand and I have been pretty good friends for some time. It might seem a bit strange for a scout like me to make a claim like that, but ...I’m one of the older boys in camp, and I’m certainly one of the most experienced, so I get to hang out with the Scoutmasters from time to time. And it’s no exaggeration to say that Legrand and I have gotten quite close. It’s no secret that both of us are into each other. In fact, we’ve discussed it quite openly. And I know for a fact that he’s banged a few scouts in his time. And he knows I’ve had my fair share of horny action when the flashlights go out in the tents at night! On one particular occasion, we went bird watching for an afternoon. Legrand reckons he heard a whooping crane down in the marshes last week and is determined to see one with his own eyes. Apparently they’re very rare and very beautiful so I tagged along to keep him company. We must have sat in the woods on the edge of the lake for at least an hour. There were way too many mosquitos for my liking, but it gave us a chance to chat. Looking back, I guess he was being a little flirtier with me than usual. My head certainly started filling with all sorts of sexy ideas about what we could do under the shade of those trees! Legrand stood up to take a piss. He sort of turned around to face a tree, so I instinctively started to look in the opposite direction. But then I had this unbelievable desire to see his dick… I was surprised and quite excited to see that he was semi-hard. I don’t know what came over me, but, bold as brass, I walked up to him and grabbed his massive dick with my hand. God, I loved the feel of his cock. I was instantly overcome by some sort of sexualized adrenaline. I could feel the blood rushing to my face and my dick. I gave his cock a squeeze and then started jerking it. And before I had time to work out what the hell was happening, he’d pushed me up against a tree and was unbuckling my belt, unzipping my fly, and pulling my dick out of my underwear. And then we were kissing passionately, rock solid cocks pressing against each other, desperate to move things on to the next level. He unrolled a ground mat and told me to get on my knees to suck him off! I got busy sucking his dick but suddenly had this bizarre sensation that we were being watched. You know that feeling? You think you see something out of the corner of your eye but when you look again, it’s not there. I glanced up at Scoutmaster Legrand to see if he was sensing it too, but he seemed very relaxed, so I carried on, trying to get as much of it in my mouth as possible! Then he stood me up against the tree. Obviously I knew what was coming, and I was totally into the idea of feeling that meaty beast inside me. That said, I was pretty nervous as well. I’d never taken a dick that large before and the idea of having it rammed up me in the middle of a forest was daunting to say the least! My heart started pounding when I heard him spitting on his dick before stroking his helmet over my hole. And then he started to push himself inside. It was excruciatingly painful, yet, at the same time, utterly ecstatic! It felt like he was driving some sort of metal drainpipe into my ass, but, in a weird sort of way, the sensation felt right. I gritted my teeth and focussed on staying relaxed until the pain started to subside, replaced by wave after wave of intense pleasure. Just as my mind had started drifting off into some crazy fuzzy pool of euphoria, Scoutmaster Legrand started to thrust himself real hard and deep into me. It actually made me scream. He told me to be quiet. We didn’t want people to hear. And, of course, him saying that suddenly made me paranoid again, and the sensation that we were being watched returned. Anyway, I buttoned my lips, grabbed hold of the tree and focussed real hard on not yelling out, even though every muscle of my body was telling me to do exactly that as Legrand grunted like a horny stag and pounded me relentlessly. Man, it was intense! He was so far inside me. Then he told me he was close and asked if I wanted him to pump me full of cum. I couldn’t think of anything I’ve wanted more in my life. Of course, at that point, his strokes sped up and got a whole heap harder and more frenzied. I must have started yelling again. My head was spinning. I kind of lost control of my body. Then I felt the scoutmaster’s spunk squirting into me. He must have cum real hard because I could feel his dick contracting and expanding and the juices gushing everywhere. He stayed inside me for a moment - enough time for another blast of paranoia to catch me off guard. As the last few drops of semen left his dick, I could have sworn he was looking into the trees in front of us, and when I followed his gaze, I’m sure I saw a figure scuttling away. I have no idea what it was, but I’m pretty sure it wasn’t a whooping crane! [Read more]

Chapter 3 The Pledge SCOUT JOHNNY

Scoutmaster Ballard and I have fooled about together a couple of times since I arrived at camp this summer. I’m trying not to raise my hopes too hig...h because I’m starting to feel some pretty strong feelings for him. It’s not always that easy for us to find time to be on our own together, and after we’ve done it, he always gets a bit weird with me. I suppose he feels a bit guilty, like he’s taken advantage of me or something, but nothing can be further from the truth. If it were up to me, we’d be doing it every day and every night without worrying what anyone else thinks. I really hate it when he ignores me in front of others. My mind starts playing tricks. Sometimes I see him hiking off into the woods with another scout and I panic that he’s found someone else, someone he likes better. I’m always really relieved and very happy when he whispers in my ear to meet him somewhere, or tells me to say I’m not feeling well so that we can stay in the camp when everyone else is doing activities elsewhere. Yesterday, over breakfast, he came up to me, all bold and in front of everyone, and said, “Johnny, you don’t look well…” Of course, I played along; “I’ve got a bit of a headache, Sir.” “Well, we can’t take you swimming with a headache, can we, so you’ll have to stay here with Scoutmaster Cox and me…” I don’t know if he saw my face falling. We certainly weren’t gonna be able to have sex with Scoutmaster Cox hanging around. He’s a stickler for rules and, to be honest, he scares the shit out of me! So, when everyone else left the camp, I started to feel a bit apprehensive. I went back to my tent and found a note from Scoutmaster Ballard telling me to meet him in the main tent. I wasn’t sure what to expect and when I arrived it was all zipped up… I rather nervously entered and was really shocked to find Ballard and Cox standing inside. My heart instantly sank, and then immediately started pounding as Ballard took my arms and held them behind my back while Cox re-zipped the tent with us all inside. Scoutmaster Cox then walked up to me, and without saying anything, started to undress me. My head started spinning. I couldn’t process what was happening. Was Cox into guys as well? Had Ballard told him our secret? Was I in trouble? Then Scoutmaster Ballard was running his hands seductively up and down my back and all the questions started to fizzle away, replaced by an overwhelming sensation of sexual excitement. Scoutmaster Cox may have terrified me ever since I joined this troop, but I would be lying if I said I hadn’t imagined doing some of the things with him that I’d done with Ballard. He’s one of the most handsome men I’ve ever seen. So I just gave into the feelings and allowed them to caress and undress me as my dick started swelling uncontrollably. Cox then knelt down and started to suck me. It was an extraordinary sensation. His tongue was kinda dancing on the tip of my dick. I could feel my entire body starting to shake. Then they turned me around so that Ballard could suck me while Cox used that crazy fluttering tongue of his to do things to my hole which I’ve never experienced. Waves of intense pleasure started to crash through my body. Then Scoutmaster Ballard pushed me down on all fours, unbuttoned his pants and fed his dick into my mouth. Now, I don’t exactly have much experience when it comes to sucking cock, but I’m pretty sure Ballard’s meat is about as large as meat gets! I always struggle to get it all in my mouth. I could hear Cox unbuckling his belt behind me and seconds later felt his dick running over my ass cheeks. I suddenly felt really confused. Was he actually going to fuck me? We’d not even kissed. I didn’t even know how big his dick was. And then suddenly he was pushing it into me. No warning. It felt like someone was shoving an iron bar up there! It was agony! Don’t get me wrong, there was no way I was gonna tell him to stop. Excruciatingly painful it might have been, but the idea that Scoutmaster Cox had entered me without permission, and was rutting me, using me, fully clothed but for his dick sticking out of his sexy uniform flies… man, that’s gonna keep me in red-hot fantasies for months! I imagined the look on his face, the beads of sweat forming on his lovely mustache. I wondered if he and Ballard were exchanging encouraging, cheeky, dirty glances. I could feel his rock hard dick thrusting into me faster and faster. I liked that I was pleasing him but it made me gasp and yell. I just tried to focus on staying relaxed while trying to give Ballard a decent blow job at the same time! That’s quite a bit to think about at once! Cox pulled out and turned me around, and I instantly got busy with his dick. It was kinda crazy to see it for the first time - knowing it had already been inside me! And it looked just as big on the outside as it felt inside me! I really wanted to do everything properly, so I was quite embarrassed because he kept making me choke, but I think Cox secretly quite liked that… It wasn’t long before Scoutmaster Ballard was pushing himself into me from behind. I guess I ought to be used to his dick by now, but it’s so wide and fat, and, at that moment, it felt like he was trying to rip me in two. I got the distinct impression they were having a bit of a competition to see who could fuck me the hardest because he got harder and faster with every stroke. I actually wondered if they were gonna cum at the same time, one in my mouth, one in my hole… maybe the two loads would meet somewhere in my tummy! Then they turned me around again and Cox was back inside me while I sucked Ballard. He went real hard and kept whispering words of encouragement. Sometimes I couldn’t tell if he was talking to me or Ballard. Then I was suddenly on my back and he was back inside me, banging me harder than I’ve ever been banged while jerking my dick. I was just yelling. It was so intense. I sort of entered a trance. He literally fucked the cum out of me. It felt like his dick was somehow inside mine… almost like I was gonna spunk two loads simultaneously - his and mine. Then I started spraying. All the way up to my face. Giant jets of juices. More than I’ve ever seen coming out of my dick before. Then Scoutmaster Cox finally kissed me. And it was worth the wait. I knew at that moment that he was pleased with me. I knew I’d done well. [Read more]

Chapter 1 Weathering the Storm SCOUT RICHIE

I’ve been an Elite Scout for some time now. I’m very committed and proud of the medals and badges I’ve earned. Being a scout isn’t just I do in my spare time. I view it as a way of life. The skills you learn as a scout are always transferrable. A problem is always more easily solved if you think like a scout! Most of the time, I find myself wondering what my dad, Scoutmaster Legrand, would do. I look up to him for just about everything. Not just because he’s incredibly tall, but because he seems to know the answer to every question. Whenever I’m in doubt or scared, he’s always there to make me feel protected and safe. A couple of days ago, my dad suggested we go on an adventure hike. He wanted to get right out into the woods and spend a couple of days showing me basic survival skills. Just the two of us. It was a really exciting idea… What we couldn’t have predicted was the massive storm which blew in the day after we arrived. It came from absolutely nowhere. Lightning was suddenly flashing all over the place. The skies turned black. It was terrifying - and would have been a heck of a lot worse had my dad not stayed really calm throughout. He told us the only option we had was to return to our tent and sit it out. A well-built tent, he said, would keep us safe… even in a tornado. I wasn’t sure I believed him on that front, but it’s impossible not to trust him. He led me into the tent, zipped up the door, and we sat for a moment watching the lightning and listening to the wind roaring and the rain lashing down on the canvas roof. He could tell I was scared and put his hand reassuringly on my leg. But then he started stroking my knee really gently… and my heart was suddenly pounding in my mouth. I couldn’t work out what was happening. It was almost as though he were making a pass at me. I found myself being drawn towards him and I suddenly realized that I wanted to kiss him. I don’t know what came over us; we just got closer and closer. And then it happened… It felt amazing. I’d be lying if I said I never thought about it before. He’s incredibly handsome and strong. And in his uniform, he seems even larger than life than he already is. I don’t know if it was the storm or the tent or what, but a rush of emotions came over me and I wanted him in a way I’d never thought to act on before. He was so gentle and tender. He took my breath away. I’m sure I was shaking like a leaf and he surely must have known I was doing all of it for the first time, but he made everything feel really natural. He pushed my legs apart and started to rub my crotch. I was uncontrollably hard. He started to undress me, unbuttoning my shirt and shorts and seductively running those giant hands of his all over my body. It was when he pulled my penis out of my underpants that I started to get a little carried away. I started thinking all of these really bad thoughts, mostly about the things I wanted him to do to me. I could see his junk all hard in his pants and couldn’t wait to get a closer look… and feel… and taste! He pushed me onto my front and started to kiss my bare butt. He kissed it real hard. He must have left marks because I’ve got very pale skin. Then he pushed me onto my back and plunged his thumb into my hole and I almost squealed! It felt weird and quite painful, but I didn’t want it to stop. I was hard as a rock! Then he knelt up and signaled for me to unzip his pants. His enormous penis was bulging magnificently underneath his boxers, so I pulled it out and had the sudden urge to put it into my mouth. I didn’t really have a clue what to do next, but I started to suck it gently and listened carefully to his breathing to get a sense of what he was enjoying. I just wanted to please him because, well, I wanted to make him proud. I would have done anything he asked me to do. I found myself kissing up and down his body, sucking and nibbling on his nipples. Then he pushed his thumb into my hole again and all I could think was that I wanted him to put his penis up there as well. I was terrified but the thought was unbelievably exciting. I got onto my front and he pushed my ass up in the air. Moments later, I could feel him pushing his enormous dick against me… and then I could feel its head nudging inside. I instinctively knew I needed to try to relax, but as he pushed further into me, my entire body started to shake. It was agonizing, but somehow addictively so. It genuinely felt like he was tearing me apart but I didn’t want him to stop. I just kept breathing, focusing on staying relaxed while he whispered soft, sexy words of encouragement in my ear. He got me kneeling up and started to push in and out of me from behind. The same words just kept running around in my head; “this is what it feels like… this is what sex feels like.” And at that moment, I realized that it felt great! I got on my back and he carried on, getting deeper and deeper with every stroke of that beautiful dick of his. I could literally feel it moving about in my stomach and I just wanted more and more of it. And the more I wanted him, the harder he instinctively seemed to go. He fucked me harder and deeper… deeper and harder and I could tell he was close, and desperately didn’t want him to pull out. I wanted to see how it would feel going inside. He asked if I was alright. I was probably gasping too much for him to hear me say that I was, but I suddenly felt him exploding inside me and it was amazing. I could feel his cock pumping juice into my guts. It felt so special. So intimate. Man, I was grateful for the storm! [Read more]

Chapter 2 Lessons in Discretion SCOUT JACK BAILEY

My name is Mr. Smith, and I’ve been a scoutmaster for more years than I care to admit to. I recently took early retirement from a pretty stressful j...ob in the city and moved upstate to do all the stuff I’d always figured it would be fun to do at some point in my life. The only downside of the move was the need to switch scout troops, but I found a pretty friendly group up here and I’ve settled in quite well. One of the definite perks of being a scoutmaster is the ability to shape a young man’s destiny by teaching him skills and opening his tender mind to new ideas and concepts. Every-so-often, I find myself developing quite a keen interest in a boy. It can be fun to toy with him a bit... even give him a look which makes him blush… I can’t deny having a bit of a desire for the young men in my troop. As I spend more time around them, I feel myself becoming alive in ways I didn’t expect. I’ve always seen myself as attracted to men, but these boys have something special… something that makes me see them more than just promising young men. I’ve had my eye on Jack ever since I joined this scout group. He’s got a winning smile and lips I just wanna get my big daddy tongue between. I know he’s been with other boys and probably some of the scoutmasters. Although he gives the impression of being all coy and demure, there’s a vibe about him which tells me he definitely knows more than most boys his age. I finally managed to get him on his own the other day. I was a bit sneaky and told him he was in trouble and that his punishment was staying at base camp with me and missing the day’s activity. The poor boy was a bit upset, but I knew that wasn’t gonna last long! I told him to go and sit in one of the tents for a while to think about what he’d done, then let him stew for a while before going in there myself and sitting next to him, pretending to be angry. Then I told him we had a strict moral code at the scouts and that, if he was gonna go with another boy in the future, he’d need to keep it a secret. You should have seen the look on his face as I started to massage his knee. His dick was bulging in his shorts within seconds, so I started to run my hand up and down his chest, and then all over his body. He was shaking like a leaf; a mixture of nerves and unbelievable excitement. I undid his neckerchief and started to unbutton his shirt to expose that sweet-scented, smooth skin before thrusting my hand up the leg of his shorts. His eyes immediately rolled to the back of his head and his legs were suddenly spreading real wide, like his whole body was helplessly opening up for me, like a little slut boy addicted to his big, burly bear-like dad. Then we started kissing and my dick was throbbing in my pants. And then I was suddenly all over him, kissing every part of him, wrapping myself around his tight, lithe, hairless body. I got his pants down and his dick was utterly solid. Moments later, I was unbuttoning my fly so that he could get his cute little lips all over my giant dick. That boy certainly knows how to suck! He’s plainly had his mouth around more than his fair share of cocks. The little bastard took the whole freakin’ length of it, right down into his tight, teenaged throat - and it felt fucking awesome. As he got stuck in, the sex-mad twink started humping his beautiful dick into the sleeping bag underneath him and his pert, peachy ass was rising and falling like some kind of crazy invitation! He was gonna get it so fucking hard. Seconds later, he was climbing onto me and lowering his tight bubble butt onto my thick man meat, then bouncing up and down like a true pro. I could feel my raw dick ramming right up inside him. It was like I had a clamp attached to my cock. I’ve genuinely never felt anything like it in my life before. It made me think dirty, nasty thoughts. I suddenly thrust myself into him as hard as I could. I went right up; through his inner sphincter and into his guts. He started to yell - it was like I’d winded him or something - but we were instantly connected. We were banging, even breathing as one… It felt incredible. I just wanted to spew my spunk into him. The boy started riding me faster and faster, writhing on my dick like a hungry whore. The kid’s got stamina! I was willing myself not to explode right away… I got him to turn around so that I could do some serious banging. I really wanted to drive my dick deep into him, so he could get a proper sense of how this scoutmaster likes to do it. He started jerking himself real fast, and I could simultaneously feel the cum rising in my nuts. I could sense that he was close, so I gave him a few, extra-hard thrusts until jets of semen sprayed out of him like water from a fireman’s hose. [Read more]

Chapter 1 Testing his Mettle SCOUT TROYE

I’ll confess, Scoutmaster Legrand has always scared me a little. I can’t really work out why. He never gets shouty or angry but he can come across... as a bit distant and reserved. Maybe he just wants us to be the best scouts we can be and thinks if he gets too friendly with us we’ll stop respecting him. If that’s his intentional vibe, it certainly works. There’s not a scout in this entire troop who doesn’t want to impress him. When he’s leading, we know to bring our A-game. So when he invited me for a one-on-one session the other day, my heart started pounding. He said he wanted to test my mettle. I had no idea what that meant but it sounded a little frightening, particularly when he said he wanted me to come up to the camp on my own - early in the morning - before any of the other scouts arrived. Fortunately, it was nice and sunny. He put a load of mats down on the forest floor and had me doing a bunch of press ups and sit ups. I was trying to impress him, so I went at them really hard and instantly regretted not pacing myself a little better! I was pretty out of breath when he stood me up and asked if I felt ready to take the oath. My heart instantly jumped into my mouth. Too darned right I’m ready, I thought! I’ve been waiting for this moment since becoming a scout! At that point, I felt the back of his hand pushing against my crotch. For a moment, I felt sure he’d touched me by accident, but then I felt his finger running up and down the bulge in my shorts. I couldn’t quite believe what he was doing! Was this some sort of test? Was he going to feel me getting hard, then accuse me of being an abomination or something? Was he going to throw me out of the scouts? I stood there, unable to move, wondering what to say or do, staring into his eyes, trying to work out what he was thinking… His hand slowly moved up to my chest, then down to my stomach, then he said “very good”, before opening up a little blue velvet box and attaching a golden badge to my shirt pocket. Then he casually told me I was now a member of the Elite Order of Scouts and, well, that was that! He pulled me in and started to kiss me. Proper kissing, like they do in the films. I had no idea if I was kissing back properly, but it sure felt good, particularly when he started pulling at my penis again. I was so excited. So hard. So scared! Then he turned me around and started to undress me. He was touching me really gently, all over my body, and literally making my head spin. Because he was behind me, I couldn’t predict where he was going to touch me next. His hands slid from my tummy to my nipples, which he started to squeeze. My entire body was shaking. I was aware that I was making these pathetic little gasping sounds but I couldn’t stop myself. I kept wondering why he’d chosen me - whether this was something all Elite Scouts went through. Surely this wasn’t what my Dad meant when he said being in the scouts was a rite of passage? Then we were kissing again and I stopped thinking about anything other than how good everything felt. He got me kneeling on some sort of table he’d set up in the glade and I suddenly felt a little like I was on display in a supermarket. But even that didn’t feel strange for long. I just wanted Scoutmaster Legrand to keep going… Before long, he’d pulled my underpants down and was licking my hole. Licking it! Then I realized he was using his saliva to make me wet, because, moments later, he pushed a finger into me. I was surprised that it didn’t hurt more. Don’t get me wrong; it’s one of the most intense and intrusive sensations I’ve ever experienced, but it felt okay. In fact, it was better than okay… Then he got me standing next to the table with one knee up on it. I instinctively knew he was going to take my virginity. The thought made me very nervous and yet incredibly excited. I kept wondering whether it was gonna hurt. I could feel him running the tip of his penis over my hole. Every time it got close, I could feel myself tensing up. I kept telling myself it would be okay. I just had to trust him. And then it happened. And he was pushing himself into me. I couldn’t believe how it felt, almost like I was being opened up or slowly torn in half. I turned and looked at him. My eyes must have been bulging so big! I’m sure he knew I was scared and I was incredibly grateful that he took things so slowly, pushing himself into me, a fraction of an inch at a time. He started very slowly to edge himself back out again, and then in… and I realized it was happening. I was taking his dick. Scoutmaster Legrand was actually fucking me. I felt a rush of adrenaline. It was suddenly amazing and I wanted more. As much as he could give, really. He pulled his dick out of me and suggested I ride him. He leant against the table and I pushed myself onto him and then moved my body forwards and backwards so that his shaft could slide in and out of me. I don’t think anything has ever felt that good in all my life. I was completely in the moment. I realized I wanted to please him more than I’ve wanted anything in my life. I wanted to be his dirty little fuck toy. I rode him faster and harder and it felt good. He told me if I kept it up I’d make him cum, and I wanted that very much. He grabbed my stomach and started pulling me into him with force. It was a little too much, but I wanted to keep going because I needed him to cum and I knew he was enjoying it. He went faster and faster and started grunting and I could tell he was close. I was just gasping and screaming. Then he roared like a lion and I felt him explode into me. I literally felt the semen flying out of his cock straight into my tummy. As he shot, he actually picked me up… so that my feet were off the ground and everything. It was sensational. It was obviously intense for him as well because he seemed exhausted afterwards. As he pulled out the semen flew out of me. It was utterly insane. I walked away feeling like a real man. [Read more]


WHAT IS ScoutBoys ? is gay boy scout erotica, featuring the scouting experiences of young men as they exercise their young muscles and journey into manhood. Scouts yearning for physical activity are guided by the skillful hands of their scout leaders. Scoutmasters have fun with boys at camp and around the fireplace. As boy scouts leave their boyhood behind, these boys look to each other and their scout leaders to satisfy their natural curiosity about sex and their bodies. With their bodies and minds both evolving into adulthood, the boy scouts have their first sexual experiences in the company of their scoutmasters and their fellow scouts.

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