Chapter 15 After Camping TROOP TIME

The boys got back to base camp in the middle of the afternoon. The three of them had been on an unsupervised, mini-expedition which had involved sleeping... [read more]

Chapter 1 Scoutmaster’s Secret SCOUT ETHAN

My name is Scoutmaster Barrett, and I became a scout leader last year. Going back into the organization was always something I wanted to do. The scouts... [read more]

Chapter 14 Follow By Example TROOP TIME

Scoutmasters Smith and Charger have been eyeing each other up with intent ever since Smith joined the troop. He’d moved up-state from the city following... [read more]

Chapter 13 Masturbating TROOP TIME

I’ve had my eye on Tom and Cole for some time now. They seem pretty inseparable; almost as thick as thieves. Tom’s a little pocket rocket; blond,... [read more]

Chapter 6 Horsing Around BUDDY CHECK

Scout boys Cole and Jack have returned early from their hike. If truth be known, they were dawdling behind the others and so deep in conversation that... [read more]

Chapter 12 Boys Will be Boys TROOP TIME

I’ve been messing about with Jack for quite a while now. We slip away from everyone else as often as we can. We’ve certainly managed to master the... [read more]

Chapter 5 Survival Trek BUDDY CHECK

Tom and Eric are certainly a cute-looking pair of scout boys. They’re small, but beautifully formed, smooth and pale-skinned and they look seriously... [read more]

Chapter 2 Taking The Pledge SCOUT RICHIE

My dad has been so good to me. I couldn’t be luckier having him as both the head of my troop and my father. The other scouts have noticed how close... [read more]

Chapter 1 Tick Check SCOUT COLE

I guess you could call me an experienced Scout. I’m certainly one of the oldest boys in our troop and I’ve earned more badges than anyone else. Being... [read more]

Chapter 11 Birdwatching TROOP TIME

Scoutmaster Legrand and I have been pretty good friends for some time. It might seem a bit strange for a scout like me to make a claim like that, but I’m... [read more]

Chapter 3 The Pledge SCOUT JOHNNY

Scoutmaster Ballard and I have fooled about together a couple of times since I arrived at camp this summer. I’m trying not to raise my hopes too high... [read more]

Chapter 1 Weathering the Storm SCOUT RICHIE

I’ve been an Elite Scout for some time now. I’m very committed and proud of the medals and badges I’ve earned. Being a scout isn’t just something... [read more]