gay boy scouts have their virginity taken by their scoutmasters




A former member of the Elite Scouts himself, Scoutmatser Dietrich is proud and honored to continue the tradition as one of the scout leaders–the older men guiding the young charges. Having experienced the program from the other end, he knows just how to handle potentially nervous new Elite Scouts in a way that makes them feel safe and secure, while also never allowing them to forget that he’s in charge, and they need to obey his orders.

Scoutmaster Dietrich is tall and has a beautiful body that the boys admire and look up to! He insists he’s just trying to stay in shape, but deep down he loves the attention he gets from the boys in his charge. He’s rarely had to punish any scouts, but he knows just how to keep them all in line regardless—and the young scouts in his care, sensing his power, want to do everything they can to please him.